• Stay Home. Stay Safe. Breathable Eco Paints For Sustainable Interiors You Can Trust

    2020 and 2021 have been the years when our homes have taken on a new meaning and purpose. When “sustainable” has become a growing word attached to almost everything to tap into the conscious consumer, but more so now in uncertain times sustainable has its own meaning- survival. When ”Staying in is the new going… Read More

    Stay Home. Stay Safe. Breathable Eco Paints For Sustainable Interiors You Can Trust

    When sustainability is at core, interiors usually reflect values as much as external projects and charity initiatives. At Earth Changers’ destinations, so much is always going on with community, conservation and culture, usually highlighting Earth Changer’s partners’ outside places, people & purpose and so don’t often look at what’s inside. So I teamed up with The Sustainable… Read More

  • Happy Healthy Baby Bedding

    With the new Royal baby in the headlines, I thought I’d bring you my top selection of beautiful ethical sustainable baby bedding, that is kind to baby and the environment. Babies skin is far more sensitive than adults and being much thinner, it is lightly to absorb toxic chemicals far more easily. Therefore the importance… Read More

    Happy Healthy Baby Bedding
  • Eco-Kids Furniture

    These are my top picks of contemporary kids furniture companies who are using sustainable or recycled materials and doing good things to help others in the process of making furniture for children, which are not mass manufactured around the Globe, gimmicky and full of toxic chemicals. Scout & Fable  Inventively handcrafted from wood, London based… Read More

    Eco-Kids Furniture


Our environment is experiencing profound transformation. Oceans are swimming in plastic, forests and woodlands have been plundered and flattened, ecosystems are being annihilated, and animal species are on the brink of extinction.

At this moment in time, when plastic reigns as king, it’s almost impossible to live a perfectly green lifestyle. True, many of us dream of ecologically friendly homes and interiors which promote non-toxic materials and feel-good finishes. But these dreams usually come with a hefty price tag. Despite this, we can all make a difference. By cultivating our vision, educating our communities, and innovating like never before, we become the change we always dreamed about – no matter how big or small.

For consumers, change starts in the home and the spaces we inhabit. Sustainability is not merely a lifestyle choice but a life essential. When we contemplate the manufacturing processes of every item we purchase, a new consciousness comes into play. Ask yourself this: would you rather buy an artisan product, made ethically and with passion, or one that was created using immoral practices and heartbreaking slave labour?

I started the Sustainable Interior Design blog to cut through the highbrow ‘green police elitism’ that often pervades the industry. I wanted to offer crucial information that was easily accessible by you — the change makers. We are only buds at this stage. But like all buds, beautiful blooms follow. Join us as we warm hearts and change minds, transforming our homes for a truly harmonious future. Alone we are one. Together we are powerful – the custodians of the planet and the spaces we inhabit. Let’s cultivate something authentic and amazing. Ready to make it happen?